NEW!! Citrus Sunshine Aromatherapy Massage + Deluxe Foot Treatment

90 minutes - $175

New for Summer 2019...a relaxing Swedish aromatherapy massage, along with our Deluxe Foot Treatment (sugar-scrub exfoliation, warm emollient moisture mask, pedi-balm massage). Each using our custom essential oil blend of orange, yuzu & lime with a hint of vanilla, carried in a light, organic sunflower oil for application.  Uplifting and refreshing!

Spa Hand/Foot Treatments

30 minutes - $45

A relaxing treat for your hands or feet!   Using your custom choice of products, we will exfoliate, moisturize and massage from your elbows to fingertips, or your knees to toes! Includes a complimentary scalp massage.

Chair Massage

30 minutes - $40

Exclusively for guests at the Saltwater Inn.  Enjoy a relaxing chair massage without leaving your room!

Looking for chair massage and other portable spa services for your corporate or family event?  Meet our mobile partners at Workplace Wellness!

Back and Neck Massage

30 minutes - $50

No time for a full massage? This quick fix will do the trick to relax and revive the back and posterior neck muscles.  Treatment includes a warm stone warm-up to quickly soften the muscle tissue, followed by a combination of relaxation and therapeutic massage.

Face/Scalp Massage

30 minutes - $50

De-stress and calm head pain with this relaxing, therapeutic session.  Gentle massage and acupressure techniques will be applied to the face, scalp and neck muscles.  Customized for your preferences. Cold-stone face massage and sinus-relief massage available for an additional fee.

Warm Stone Massage

90 minute - $175

A luxurious treat!  The soothing application of warm basalt stones will bring deep relaxation and tranquility. Treatment includes special placement of back, belly and sacrum stones, and our heated moisturizing foot and hand massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes - $100 / 90 minutes - $140

Saltwater Inn Spa's deep-tissue massage combines traditional and advanced  orthopedic massage techniques to reach the deep layers of muscle tissue without causing pain or injury. This is not a "beat me up" massage! 

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage

75 minutes - $125

Put yourself and child in our capable hands!  Our pregnancy massage therapist has advanced training and has instructed this specialty for many years. Appropriate positioning and techniques will ensure that your treatment is safe and effective.  *Please Note* The Spa is on the third floor and there is no elevator.  Please do not book this service if you have difficulty with stairs or are experiencing balance issues.

Foot Reflexology

30 minutes - $50

Traditional foot reflexology, customized to your specific concerns.  Reflexology treatment will be followed by a relaxing foot massage to end your treatment.

Specialty Services

Online booking not available for specialty services. Please call to schedule. (732) 853-3471


An energy technique using specific palm placement over the body to reconnect us to a Universal Life Force Energy aiding our natural ability to heal both physically and emotionally.  Sessions are done fully clothed and usually put one in a deeply relaxed state.  Benefits include pain relief, reduced stress and anxiety, better quality sleep and a more peaceful state of being.

60Mins $100

Oncology Massage

A tailored massage that modifies techniques to safely work with complications of cancer and its treatments.  Relaxing and reconnecting the body and mind during a physically and emotionally taxing time.

60Mins $110

Raindrop Therapy

A rejuvenating experience that combines essential oils, massage and Tibetan reflexology to realign the spine and restore balance.  Essential oils, known for their powerful healing properties, make this a great choice for those who need to detoxify.  Also good for allergy sufferers and respiratory issues.

60Mins (back&feet only) $160

90Mins full body $230

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